3 Little-Known Factors That Can Affect Your Fence Stain

We all know that fences are essential to one’s home because they provide protection against the outside world and that they also dictate the boundaries of your house and land, and it’s this exact reason why we need to take careful and informed measures in choosing fences and why we don’t want to cheap out on fences. 

You see, you need to ensure that you work with the best company for the job when dealing with fences, because only then will you get the best out of your money. (Like Fence Staining Laredo— the best fence staining in Laredo, Texas!) A fence’s lifetime and stain can vary depending on a lot of delicate factors, and here are some factors that many do not take into consideration:


Knowing which season or time period you are going to have your fence stained is important. The changes in seasons and weather can either be normal or detrimental to the type of fence stain you eventually choose!

Working with a knowledgeable fence company will definitely help you with choosing one that best suits the current season and weather! Winter is usually the season one should avoid, because snow and ice can only smother the stain. Summer is the best because of the heat to make the stains stick completely!


Geography, or where you are located in the regions of the Earth will have an effect on the eventual lifespan of your fence stain, simply because your location dictates what kind of weather you experience and how often you experience it.

Usually colder areas near the poles will have a harder time to maintain their fences, while those in hot areas can have their fence stains easily cured and last a long time

Polish / Stain used

It might seem like an obvious one, however most people don’t take the time to actually carefully read the fine print of the polish and stain to be used in coating the fence, and thus unwanted repercussions are had. We should always take the time to carefully read through and verify everything the brand is telling you about your choice of polish and whether that conforms to your standard or needs!