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Have you recently taken a good look at your yard and suddenly it just crossed your mind, “Woah. What happened to my fence?” or “This place needs some serious renovation and make over.” Now, before it completely slips out of your mind again, you might as well take several moments to reconsider taking action before it’s too late. While it’s easy to overlook whether your fence is properly maintained, in the long run, it is incredibly beneficial to ensure that it still resembles the same elegance and image of safety it originally was.

It may be hard to find a good and reputable company to help you with your problems, but fret not! Today just happened to be your lucky day because you came to the right place! We provide the best fence and deck staining services in Laredo, TX.

Here, you will find the most up to date and reliable techniques in maintaining and restoring the magnificence in your yard. Not only do we provide service throughout Laredo, Texas, but also the surrounding areas of Rio Grande City, Alice, Kingsville, Eagle Pass, Nuevo Laredo, and the likes.

What Do We Do?

A company based on the lovely city of Laredo, we take pride in our long experience and expertise in staining fences. We are the ones who will make sure that the fence protecting your property will be protected from its mortal enemies: unpredictable weather, mold, vegetation, and other elements.

Not only will fence staining create a protective layer for the wood on your fence, we provide professional techniques and advice on fixing various problems of your fence. Whether that’s a minor problem such as fixing chipped coatings or restoring or replacing damaged pickets, we pay close attention to every miniscule detail of your fence’s problems.

Top-Notch Services

Our customers’ preference and desires are at the foremost of our minds. We take everything you say into consideration while also providing you with the best option to ensure that purchasing our services will be worth it for you. You will no longer have to worry about hiring an amateur that may improve your fence’s situation or just make it worse than it already is.

While that dude across the street may know a thing or two about fixing fences for a small price, our goal is to make sure that you save more money while also getting the best quality of materials and service that you’ll need. Say goodbye to wasting money buying replacement wood over and over again because we guarantee that your fence can stand the test of time and moisture.

Together, we will work to make the best and most long-lasting fence for your yard.

Common Fencing Problems And How We Can Help

Let’s face it, most people couldn’t care less what happened to their fence after several years or months of installation. Even if it starts discoloration or decaying due to mold, everyone would turn a blind eye and walk past it. Eventually, we’ll just have to replace it so why bother, right? But whether you like it or not, your fence is as much part of your house as your roof or the windows. That kind of mindset ought to go straight to the drain.

Your fence is practically the welcoming committee for your guests. So whether it’s dirty, decaying, or have some rackety pickets, not only will that be the first thing people see and it would also reflect on the owner of the house—badly.

At the end of the day, no matter the kind of wood used—pine, oak, redwood, etc—they have one thing in common. . . susceptibility to the elements. That’s where we come in. Nature is not picky when it comes to the kind of wood it destroys and neither do we when it comes to staining and restoring fences.

•Installation of Fences

Most often than not, the problem starts with improper installation of fences. Usually when an amateur works on your fence, it’s like planting a boiled seed and expecting it to grow and bear good fruit. Or when home owners decide to take matters into their own hands, they end up putting up fences that come toppling over in the span of several days.

While it might be tempting to just rely on tutorials and DIYs, installing a fence is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why it’s better to call professionals. With our years of experience in installing fences, not only will you be saved from the tiring process, you will be assured that your fence will stand guard for a long time if you work with us.

•Rackety Pickets

As you may know, fences are like an intricate chain. One picket out of place, decaying or otherwise, will ruin the overall look. From loose to fallen to decaying pickets, these problems are usually gradual while some are results of improper installment. There are all sorts of factors to consider such as the surrounding soil and we can inspect that.

Not only will we make an assessment whether your property is ready for fencing, we will do everything to make it work. In no time, you’ll have a sturdy fence up and running.

•Grimy Fence

While a dirty fence may seem to be the least of your problems at the moment, you know that it’ll be annoying when you have to remove it on your own. Dirt and debris that have accumulated over the years will definitely ruin the aesthetic of your yard, making it look hideous.

Along with our fence staining services, we can also discuss if you want us to do some cleansing on your fence to make it look extra pristine.

•Staining Process

Since your fences are not only decorations but also your house’s first line of defense, it takes the brunt of all the nasty things that meant to enter your lawn. All these abuse—most notably by water sprinklers—end up showing in the form of rust, molds, discoloration, and decay. Believe it or not, fence staining is the answer to all your woes.

How, you ask? Well, think about it this way. Your fence’s main material is wood and that wood had once been a tree. And even without roots, unstained fences still drink up water from the sprinklers in your lawn, causing the gradual decay. It is also more susceptible to getting ‘sunburns’ from the sun’s UV rays, meaning the wood’s fibers take on a grayish hue, making it look sickly.

However, once those decaying fibers are removed we can begin the process of restoring your fences. Staining will help maintain and protect the wood from the elements and weathering, keeping it fabulous and sturdy. Fence Staining Laredo uses a high quality grade penetrating sealers that are proven and tested to improve wood’s lifespan. Staining your fence will surely be a cost-effective investment for your home.


Why Choose Fence Staining Laredo?

The only answer we can give is that we are the BEST you will find in Texas. We have mastered the art of restoring fences to their former glory and making new fences stand the test of time. You will be hiring professionals with years of experience on everything related from fence staining to maintenance and repair. All of our previous customers can attest to our impressive service and work ethics. We make it our goal to maintain a good relationship with our customers, listening to all your concerns and suggestions.

The people who will work with you on your fence seek to provide an efficient and valuable service. They say that first impressions last. . .from the moment we step foot into your property to the moment we part ways, you will only have good words about us. Additionally, we aren’t secretive about how we do our work. Don’t hesitate to ask away and we’ll be more than happy to share our knowledge with you.

Once we finish restoring your fence, you can enjoy lounging in your lawn all the lot more with your family and friends. Worry no more about peeling and subpar coatings because we only used high quality coatings that protect wood from rotting, warping, and other kinds of deterioration. Future maintenance will be less dire and will save you from spending money on costly wood replacements.

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